Chairman’s Message

Dear Parents and Prospective Students.

Welcome to the Rawat Pharmacy College which is committed to building a congenial atmosphere in which coexistence is essential to create an intellectual academic community. We will make the college a place to promote freedom of thought, innovation, and creativity which are essential for academic excellence.

I hope that you will take pride in your college. Members of our faculty are known for their energy and erudition, academic achievements and teaching abilities, and devotion to duty. We will judge our success as an institution by how well we succeed in realizing our potential as a student and in our later professional careers.

"Nothing Success like success"

Chairman: Rawat Educational Group

Director’s Message

Welcome to Rawat Pharmacy College, Jaipur. This institute is managed by Rawat Bal Vidhya Niketan Committee with the aim of promoting excellence in pharmaceutical education. Rawat Pharmacy College has always aimed at developing students into good citizens who are not only good human beings but also capable of contributing to the improvement of the pharmacy profession in particular and society in general.

Rawat Pharmacy College is affiliated with Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur & it is approved by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), New Delhi. Our college provides value-based quality education, producing professionally competent students for a pharmacy career. Our college has knowledgeable and experienced faculty, creating a constructive learning environment, and demonstrating professionalism.

I am in no doubt while assuring the new entrants that we are positive to give them to best in a perfectly organized way. Here's wishing you a very happy and healthy career in Pharmacy.

Director Rawat Educational Group

Director’s Message

Dear Students,

Welcome to Rawat Pharmacy College. I heartily congratulate you for opting for a pharmacy to shape your professional career and personal life.

Pharmacy as a profession comprises an integral part of the health care system in India and across the globe. Pharmacy as a profession enjoys an egalitarians position among the other professional course of the higher education system in India.

These factors have contributed to an increased demand for pharmacists, rating India as the third largest healthcare professional group in the world and the sole profession specifically trained to deliver pharmaceutical services.

Rawat Pharmacy College has a state-of-the-art infrastructure well equipped spacious laboratories highly qualified experienced and dedicated faculty, well-stocked library. It also has a placement cell which plays a key role in the appropriate and timely placement of students.

Best Wishes.

Director Rawat Educational Group

Principal's Message

Rawat Pharmacy College has committed itself to developing and enhance the academic program in the area of pharmaceutical education to meet the challenge of new and extended roles of pharmacists.

Pharmacy is like every other healthcare professional. in changing rapidly. Almost every aspect of its knowledge and practice bass in affected by external changes such as technological developments, changing patient expectations, new professional governance requirements, and modernizing health service. This is stimulating a variety of excellent and creative responses within the profession.

Rawat Pharmacy College enhances students’ character development in order to fulfill national aspirations of producing competitive future generations.

May I invite pharma aspiring students to come and experience learning at Rawat Pharmacy College I hope that the experience acquired will chart new boundaries of your expectation.

Mr. Yogesh Kumar Garg
Principal, Rawat Pharmacy College